Leverage your digital presence with Location Bank

Leverage your digital presence with Location Bank

Your digital locations are a valuable asset. Are you investing in them properly?

Did you know that 84% of consumers today go online to find products and services? And, digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Uber and Whatsapp get hundreds of times the traffic your website ever will. For these reasons, being present and accurate on these platforms is the single most important marketing activity you should be investing in.

Location Bank helps make sure that your business listings are correct and up to date across multiple platforms. It’s a central database that plugs into the world’s largest mapping companies, websites and apps via API, pushing your locations out across the digital landscape.

Once your locations are in our database, you’ll be able to:

  • Publish your brand locations across the digital landscape
  • Manage and move locations
  • Suppress duplicate locations
  • Post content and media
  • Identify reputational issues and gain customer intelligence

Get powerful reporting to identify strong or weak performing stores, regions or areas so you can take action. Then, watch your views go up – and watch more customers visit your locations.

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